Products that simplify and inspire being and working in your garden.

The products are created for different purposes. Use the workbench for cut flowers, potted plants and as your outdoor kitchen, the tool holder for winter tools or the same function in a garage or a shed.

The company where the Front Row Garden brand is located is called Febthirty. It is an abbreviation of February 30, which has existed once in history in Sweden in 1712, when we went from the Julian calendar to the current Gregorian calendar. The idea with the company name is described in the about section on this website.

                                                           RETAILERS, INTERIOR and GARDEN DESIGNERS,

Interested in a flourishing collaboration with us? We have the ambition to create unique, innovative and aesthetically appealing products. Soon we will be launching several categories that are new to us and also additional own closely related brands. Contact us and we will investigate together whether we have the products that make a difference in every way for you.


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